Enhancing your brand, whatever it may be by using professional photography is extremely important, just to stand out from the crowd in a swamped market place. This is where I come in and how happy I was to help out with this project. So, I’ll just tell you a little bit about how this photoshoot all came together, and what it actually consisted of. 

“A Sky So Blue” campervan hire company, is run by the fab Gina & Chris from North Devon, who I have stayed in contact with and now friends since I photographed their wedding back in May 2016. 

Gina wanted me to shoot her day as she loved the way I photographed not just the couple, but how I incorporated the scenery North Devon has to offer, and with her new camper van hire business they were both keen to get me to shoot some photography in and around wonderful North Devon, where they and the business are based. 

The clue was in the brand name “A Sky So Blue” so we had to choose a very beautiful day with blue skies, to show the wonders of VW campervan hire in Devon. I’m unfortunately writing this blog during a pandemic, where such travels can only be a thing of dreams at this moment, but we will as a nation get through this, move on and get back out there. 🙂 

Thanks for your time.